Monday, October 2

8:05 AM

Invited Talk: Transmission Line Pulse Testing - 5 Years in Review

8:35 AM

1A.1 Sensor Gap TLP: Expanding Time Resolution and Pulse Duration Beyond Conventional Values of Standard and Very Fast Transmission Line Pulsing

9:00 AM

1A.2 ESD Stress Data Analysis with Machine Learning: A Case Study

9:25 AM

Authors Corner for 1A.1 & 1A.2

9:55 AM

1A.3 Novel ESD Characterization Method for Bipolar Devices Using a Combined TLP System with Dynamic Base Bias

10:20 AM

1A.4 Impact of a Deep Junction Depth Coupled with a Short Channel Length on the ESD Robustness of a Grounded Gate nMOS Clamp

10:45 AM

Authors Corner for 1A.3 & 1A.4

11:15 AM

1A.5 Discharge Waveforms of Emulated Die-to-Die ESD Discharges

11:40 AM

1A.6 Voltage to Current Correlation for CDM Testing

12:05 PM

1A.7 Study of Frequency Response of CDM Setup

12:30 PM

Authors Corner 1A.5, 1A.6, & 1A.7

Wednesday, October 4

9:55 AM

5A.3 A Hybrid Finite Difference Model for Open Base Transistors with Kirk Effect

10:20 AM

5A.4 Physics-Based Compact Model of N-Well ESD Diodes

10:45 AM

5A.5 Effective ESD Design Through PERC Programming

11:10 AM

Authors Corner 5A.3, 5A.4, & 5A.5

11:55 AM

5A.1 A Combined Model for Transient and Self-Heating of Snapback Type ESD Protection Devices

12:20 PM

5A.2 A Versatile Behavioral Snapback ESD Model Incorporating Transient Effects and Failure Detection

12:35 PM

Authors Corner 5A.1 & 5A.2