Monday, October 2

11:30 AM

Hands-on Demonstration: Walking Test

1:30 PM

M1.1 Die-to-Die ESD Discharge Current Analysis

1:55 PM

M1.2 ESD Mitigation for 3D IC Hybrid Bonding

2:20 PM

M1.3 Alternative Measurement Methodology for Fast Switching AC Ionizer Offset Voltage Measurement

2:45 PM

M2.2 Electrostatic Discharge Characteristics of Polymer Films

3:10 PM

Authors Corner M1.1, M1.2, M1.3, & M2.2

3:40 PM

Invited Talk: Surface Resistance vs. Volume Resistance – What are the Differences, and Why Should You Care?

4:00 PM

Hands-on Measurement Session: Surface Resistance

5:05 PM

Hands-on Measurement Session: Volume Resistance

Tuesday, October 3

10:35 AM

Invited Talk: Introducing ESD TR13.0-02 - A New Technical Report Addressing Unpowered Hand Tools

11:55 AM

Hands-on Measurement Session: Hand Tools

3:00 PM

Hands-on Demonstration: Walking Test

Wednesday, October 4

10:30 AM

Hands-on Demonstration: Walking Test

12:05 PM

M2.1 ESD Risk Assessment for Devices on Printed Circuit Boards

12:30 PM

M2.3 ESD Process Assessment of 2.5D and 3D Bonding Technologies

12:55 PM

Authors Corner M2.1 & M2.3

3:35 PM

Invited Talk: Manufacturing Process Assessment

4:05 PM

Hands-on Measurement Session: Process Assessment