Saturday, September 30

7:00 AM
8:00 AM

FC100: ESD Basics for the Program Manager

ESD Compliance Verification Technician to TR53 - Day 1

8:30 AM

FC340: ESD Program Development and Assessment – ANSI/ESD S20.20 Seminar (Day 1)

12:00 PM

Tutorial Attendee Lunch

Sunday, October 1

7:00 AM
8:00 AM

ESD Compliance Verification Technician to TR53 - Day 2

FC340: ESD Program Development and Assessment – ANSI/ESD S20.20 Seminar (Day 2)

8:30 AM

FC101: How To’s of In-Plant ESD Auditing and Evaluation Measurements

DD/FC240: System Level ESD/EMI (Principles, Design Troubleshooting, & Demonstrations)

12:00 PM

Tutorial Attendee Lunch

1:00 PM

DD134: Fundamentals of ESD System Level

Monday, October 2

7:00 AM
8:00 AM

Welcome - Track 2

ESD Compliance Verification Technician to TR53 - Day 3 (Exam)

Welcome - Track 1

8:05 AM

Invited Talk: Transmission Line Pulse Testing - 5 Years in Review

8:10 AM

Impact of Parasitic PCB and EMI Filter Inductances on System-level ESD Protection (German ESD Forum E.V. Best Paper)

8:35 AM

Invited Talk: Current Status of Power GaN Device, Technology, and Reliability

1A.1 Sensor Gap TLP: Expanding Time Resolution and Pulse Duration Beyond Conventional Values of Standard and Very Fast Transmission Line Pulsing

9:00 AM

1A.2 ESD Stress Data Analysis with Machine Learning: A Case Study

9:25 AM

Light Refreshments

Authors Corner for 1A.1 & 1A.2

9:55 AM

GaN Invited Talk

1A.3 Novel ESD Characterization Method for Bipolar Devices Using a Combined TLP System with Dynamic Base Bias

10:20 AM

1A.4 Impact of a Deep Junction Depth Coupled with a Short Channel Length on the ESD Robustness of a Grounded Gate nMOS Clamp

10:45 AM


Authors Corner for 1A.3 & 1A.4

11:15 AM

2A.1 Understanding Temperature Dependence of ESD Reliability in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs

1A.5 Discharge Waveforms of Emulated Die-to-Die ESD Discharges

11:40 AM

2A.2 Interplay of Surface Passivation and Electric Field in Determining ESD Behavior of p-GaN Gated AlGaN/GaN HEMTs

1A.6 Voltage to Current Correlation for CDM Testing

12:05 PM

2A.3 Solutions To Improve HBM ESD Robustness of GaN RF HEMTs

1A.7 Study of Frequency Response of CDM Setup

12:30 PM

Authors Corner 2A.1, 2A.2, & 2A.3

Emerging Professionals and First Time Attendee Reception

Authors Corner 1A.5, 1A.6, & 1A.7


1:30 PM

Clearing the Air (Presentation and Interactive Workshop)

M1.1 Die-to-Die ESD Discharge Current Analysis

1:55 PM

M1.2 ESD Mitigation for 3D IC Hybrid Bonding

2:20 PM

M1.3 Alternative Measurement Methodology for Fast Switching AC Ionizer Offset Voltage Measurement

2:45 PM

M2.2 Electrostatic Discharge Characteristics of Polymer Films

3:10 PM

Authors Corner M1.1, M1.2, M1.3, & M2.2

Light Refreshments

3:30 PM

EMC Invited Paper Session

3:40 PM

Invited Talk: Surface Resistance vs. Volume Resistance – What are the Differences, and Why Should You Care?

4:00 PM

Hands-on Measurement Session: Surface Resistance

4:45 PM

Break in Track 1 (Exhibit Hall C) sessions

4:55 PM

1B.1 IEC ESD Co-Design Methodology for On-Chip Protection at High Voltage Transceivers

Break in Track 2 (Exhibit Hall D) sessions

5:00 PM

Professional and Technical Women's Reception

5:05 PM

Hands-on Measurement Session: Volume Resistance

5:20 PM

1B.2 On the Safety Distance to Avoid Transient Latch-up During System Level ESD Stress

5:45 PM

Authors Corner EMC Invited Papers, 1B.1, & 1B.2

6:00 PM

Attendee Welcome Reception - Exhibits Open

Tuesday, October 3

7:30 AM

Awards Breakfast & EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Annual Meeting

Student Day Activities

9:00 AM

Keynote: James Webb Space Telescope System Architecture and Science Performance: Sensitive Devices in Complex Space Systems

Exhibits Open - Coffee Available

9:50 AM

Activities in the Exhibit Hall - Guided Introduction Tour(s) to Meet the Exhibitors (including light refreshments)

10:35 AM

Invited Paper: CAD-Based ESD Protection Design Methodologies

Invited Talk: Introducing ESD TR13.0-02 - A New Technical Report Addressing Unpowered Hand Tools

11:15 AM

Break (Exhibit Hall D)

11:25 AM

Activities in the Exhibit Hall - 20-minute In-Booth Demonstrations

11:55 AM

Break (Exhibit Hall C)

Hands-on Measurement Session: Hand Tools

12:05 PM

3A.1 Impact of Backside Power Delivery Network with Buried Power Rails on Latch-up Immunity in DTCO/STCO

12:30 PM

3A.2 High thermal conductive Graphene-based Composites and its Controllable ESD Application on Device Packaging

12:55 PM

Authors Corner 3A.1 & 3A.2

2:05 PM

Workshop: ESD EDA - What Can be Done Now and in the Future? (World Café Format)

Workshop: Hand Tools - Understanding and Applying Resistance Measurement Techniques

3:20 PM

Activities in the Exhibit Hall - 10-minute Exhibitor Showcase Presentations (including light refreshments)

4:00 PM

Standards Corner: Learn more about EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Standards

4:30 PM

Student Mentoring (Part of Student Day)

5:00 PM

Volunteer Showcase Reception

Wednesday, October 4

7:00 AM
8:00 AM

EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Technology Roadmap (Presentation & Interactive Workshop)

9:15 AM

Activities in the Exhibit Hall - 10-minute Exhibitor Showcase Presentations (including light refreshments)

9:55 AM

5A.3 A Hybrid Finite Difference Model for Open Base Transistors with Kirk Effect

Invited Talk: Automotive Semiconductor Testing - Challenges and Solutions Towards Zero Defect Quality

10:20 AM

5A.4 Physics-Based Compact Model of N-Well ESD Diodes

10:45 AM

5A.5 Effective ESD Design Through PERC Programming

2B.1 Complementary HV Dual Direction SCR Design Strategy

11:10 AM

Activities in the Exhibit Hall - 20-minute In Booth Demonstrations

Authors Corner 5A.3, 5A.4, & 5A.5

2B.2 Electro-Thermal Mixed-Mode Analysis of HV Complementary DD-SCR's

11:35 AM