Monday, September 19

1:00 PM

Topic in Review - Full Chip and IP Level CDM Simulation and Verification

2:00 PM

Invited Talk - Does Silicon Photonics Need any ESD Protection?

3:10 PM

Seminar - ESD Protection for RF Switches

Wednesday, September 21

8:00 AM

Workshop - Reduced CDM Targets for Ultra-High-Speed Interfaces (NO LIVESTREAM)

11:45 AM

Seminar - Lifetime and Reliability Requirements in Automotive Electronics – Status and Challenges in 2022

1:25 PM

4A.1 - Analysis of Input Receiver Transistors Behavior During a CDM Event

1:50 PM

4A.2 - Low-Capacitance, High-CDM ESD Protection Design with FEOL and BEOL Co-Optimization in 4nm Bulk FinFET Technology

2:25 PM

4A.3 - Advanced CDM Simulation Methodology for High-Speed Interface Design

2:50 PM

Authors Corner for 4A.1 & 4A.3 (NO LIVESTREAM)

3:20 PM

Invited Talk - RF Front End High Performance Technologies and Trends