Tuesday, September 20

10:30 AM

Invited Talk - SiC Driving Forward in Automotive Applications

11:55 AM

3A.1 - Latchup Co-design Automation for HV Power Analog IC

12:20 PM

Authors Corner for 3A.1 (NO LIVESTREAM)

1:30 PM

3A.2 - HV Active Core Clamps with Over Voltage Protection

1:55 PM

Authors Corner for 3A.2 (NO LIVESTREAM)

2:35 PM

3A.3 - ESD Protection Based on Stacked SCRs With Adjustable Triggering Voltage for CMOS High-Voltage Application

3:00 PM

3A.4 - Short Term Overstress Degradation of ESD Avalanche Diodes Breakdown Characteristics

3:25 PM

Authors Corner for 3A.3 & 3A.4 (NO LIVESTREAM)

Wednesday, September 21

8:00 AM

Workshop - New AEC Q100/Q101 Specification (NO LIVESTREAM)

10:10 AM

Invited Talk - The Challenges of Autonomous Vehicles

11:35 AM

3B.1 - Effect of Floating N-Epi Ring P-Substrate Isolation on HV Latchup

12:00 PM

3B.2 - A Robust Scalable ESD Protection Device integrating Drain side Floating P+ Diffusion with Tunable ESD Design Window and Effective Latch-up Immunity for High-Voltage Power Clamp Applications

12:25 PM

Authors Corner for 3B.1 & 3B.2 (NO LIVESTREAM)

1:25 PM

3B.3 - Circuit Level Implementation of ESD Self Protected LDMOS Open Drain Output

1:50 PM

3B.4 - On-chip ESD Current Sensor for System-level ESD Detection in High Voltage BiCD Technology

2:15 PM

Authors Corner for 3B.2 & 3B.3 (NO LIVESTREAM)