Monday, September 19

10:20 AM

Seminar - ESD Event Detection with (Ultra Wide Band) Antennas

11:20 AM

Seminar - Characterization of the linearity of TVS devices

1:00 PM

1A.1 - Case Study: Design of a Ballasted Clamp-Array as On-Chip IEC-61000-4-2 Protection for Data Redriver IC

1:25 PM

1A.2 - Determining the Peak Voltage During TVS Switching at the I/O of an IC Using Component Measurement Data

1:50 PM

Authors Corner for 1A.1 & 1A.2 (NO LIVESTREAM)

2:10 PM

1A.3 - System Level ESD Testing with Capacitively Coupled Stress Pulses

2:35 PM

Invited Paper - Trend Analysis of Dissipated Electrostatic Discharge Energy in Touchscreen Displays

3:20 PM

Invited Paper - Analysis Of CPU Loading Effect On ESD Susceptibility

3:45 PM

Invited Paper - Commercial USB IC Soft-Failure Sensitivity Measurement Method and Trend Analysis

4:10 PM

Authors Corner for EMC Invited Papers (NO LIVESTREAM)

Wednesday, September 21

2:45 PM

Seminar - System-Level EMC and ESD Simulation Methods

3:45 PM

Seminar - Fundamentals of System-Level ESD Design and Practical Applications

Thursday, September 22

8:00 AM

Workshop - System-Level Tests of ICs - Do we have too many tests? (NO LIVESTREAM)